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Web Development

Trihex Software has extensive web development experience in a number of technologies. Whether you are developing a simple marketing site, or a state of the art web based application utilizing the cutting edge of technology, Trihex Software has the experience and talent to bring your vision to market at a reasonable cost and a short time frame.

Trihex Software brings the following experience to your web development project:

In the world of J2EE, Trihex Software has worked on a number of web based applications from the front end to the back end. We have made use of EJBs as well as JDBC systems for back end database access. We have also used Spring based business logic layers with Hibernate DAO systems. Those applications have used everything from simple HTML, custom JSP structures, Struts, Spring Webflow, and more for the front end pieces.

Trihex Software has worked on state of the art, cutting edge web applications utilizing GWT. These applications feature dynamic front ends that can configure themselves based on how the user uses them. These GWT applications were supported on both Windows and Mac across Chrome, IE 7+, Firefox, and Safari.

Trihex software has done work with Silverlight applications that run both in browser and on the desktop on Windows and Mac.