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Game Development

If you are looking for game development services, Trihex Software has you covered. We can provide you with services from implementation of a single piece of functionality or game play element, all the way up to design and full implementation of a game based on your concept or IP.

Looking to fund via Kickstater? Trihex Software can get you a demo of the game you are Kickstarting quickly and for probably less than you might expect. How many more people could you get to pledge to your campaign if they could download a small demo of how the game will play?

Trihex Software has experience developing games in the following technologies:

When it comes to getting a game developed efficiently and at a competitive cost, Trihex Software is the only solution you need. We can take a project from concept to completion. We can manage all the details for you, or you can drop us a specification for a piece of functionality, and we will deliver solid code that exceeds your expectations.